welcome to the future:

welcome to the future:

Arizona Manufacturing

Sheet metal +

CNC machining

Sheet metal +

CNC machining

Your Design, Manufactured Fast | 7C’s MFG

Your Design, Manufactured Fast | 7C’s MFG

What we do

Sheet Metal Fabrication + CNC Machining | Innovative, American, Ultra-Precise.

High-Volume & Fast Prototypes, We Do It All!

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Fiber/C02 Laser-Cutting, Welding, Automated Forming…

 Our tolerances are below .005″ with full debur, welding, and finishing support. We offer a custom manufacturing experience, with every relevant step in house.

24/7 Production, Free Innovation

We’ve spent decades innovating the fastest, most precise manufacturing technology/methods in the USA.

We want to save you money & time. In addition to our extreme adaptability, we offer custom manufacturing line setup without any additional cost to you.


CNC Machining

Space-Exploration Grade Precision is our goal. We have some of the best CNC Machinists in the world, with our experts training internationally in Germany and across the US.

We pride ourselves on excellent quality and incredible speed, even delivering parts same day in extreme cases. 

Full Assembly

Whatever your project is, our Engineers and Assembly Experts are dedicated to seeing it to completion.

Our manufacturing process is optimized for fast turnaround speeds and high precision work. We offer full hardware and assembly capabilities, working with a variety of materials. No matter the scale or complexity, our Assembly Experts are prepared to help.

Full-Service Manufacturing

Painting, Plating, Silk-Screening & More…

We’ve partnered with the best in the industry to ensure fast, high quality finishes every time.

Quality Control

Before every step we verify the part is being produced to print, both manually and with our FabriVISION technology.

That’s not all, we have a floating QC team that constantly inspects parts as they go through production – at random. Finally, we have an independent, Final QC check before the parts are released to ship.


Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

7C’s MFG is your personal manufacturing partner. We’re here to speed up production, assist in cost-savings & even suggest engineering improvements.

Unique Projects, Per Month

7C's Industry Experts

US Locations

Years of experience

Why we are different

Innovation, high adaptability, excellent communication. We have built custom manufacturing facilities in 2 US locations, with groundbreaking, custom technology. We cross-train all employees, from cnc machining to precision metal fabrication, all staff are able to jump on the phone with your engineers and get to work. We value efficiency, precision and allow unparalleled customization in manufacturing.

We have 1 location in LA and another in Reno, Nevada.

Ultimately, we help you cut time & cost out of manufacturing. Additionally, our advanced technologies and leading experts allow us to offer unmatched scaling/flexibility: from a quick prototype to full-production within the same week. 

Our Latest Work

We partner with some of the most exciting, innovative companies. While most of our work remains under strict nda’s, take a look at some recent projects below:

100% Manufactured In The USA

100% Manufactured In The USA

With 2 US locations and over 50+ years of manufacturing experience, 7C’s MFG is here to help. Whatever your project requires, we’ve got it covered!

Did you know most US manufacturing facilities use technology from the 1970’s? WOW! That’s absurd.

7C’s updates our technology every quarter. Additionally, we work closely with companies like AMADA to push the entire industry forward.

Through constant innovation: We achieve unparalleled speed, precision & environmentally-efficient production. Ultimately, this saves cost – which we happily pass on to our partners, like you!  




  • Rapid Production, 24/7 – 100%
  • Custom Manufacturing – 98.1%
  • Reject Rate – Less Than 0.9%

rapid-delivery in days… not weeks

From Our Partners

We Are Proud Of Our 50+ Years of Innovation & Manufacturing High-Quality Parts for Companies All Around The World.

Phenomenal, professional staff who exhibit outstanding customer service.”

Bently Nevada

A GE Company

“Great Service! I have been ordering parts regularly from 7C’s for a year now and they are always on time and very helpful when I need something in a hurry. I am very pleased with the quality of product and the service they provide.”

Mark Schroeder

Engineer, Google

7C’s designed and fabricated stainless steel lab table covers for my science classroom, and they look amazing! When science teachers across the district met in my room, I got many requests for contact info. I happen to know the owners, and they are fantastic supporters of education in the Reno-Sparks-Tahoe area; they provided the table covers at cost for multiple local schools. That’s a company that truly cares about the future of our community! Many thanks, 7C’s!”

Earl Wooster High School

Washoe County School District

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