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1. Reno, Nevada: Sheet Metal Fabrication + CNC Machining

2. Los Angeles, California: Sheet Metal Fabrication


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Office: 8am – 5pm PT (M-F)
Production: 24/7

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Do you provide shipping?

Yes. We have a dedicated shipping department that specializes in industrial shipping. We regularly ship products around the United States and Internationally.

Wherever you are located, we will deliver!

How soon can I get a quote?

Our experts are among the fastest in the industry. Submit a quote through our website ( and we will get back to you asap.

Depending on the order, we have delivered same-day parts before (in extreme situations).

What kind of services does 7C's MFG provide?

7C’s offers full-service manufacturing. Our specializations include precision sheet metal fabrication and cnc machining. We offer complete laser-cutting, cnc machining, punching, forming, hardware installation, welding, debur, assembly and shipping in-house. Contact (775) 287-9723 for more information!

What kind of materials does 7C's MFG work with?

We work with most metals and plastics, feel free to ask any specific questions about material or costs.

Material tolerance depends on the machines used in production. We offer expert precision, with laser cutting +/- .005″ and cnc milling/turning +/- .001″. Past projects are in space, Intel server racks, Marine Corps Aircrafts, and in hospitals all over the US.

Will you do a custom art project for me?

Sorry, this isn’t what we usually do. That said… we never say “no” that easily.

Feel free to ask us about your idea, and we’ll see what we can do!